Bringing together the ERM community to discuss & share techniques and methodologies required to counter the evolving challenges of new governance, operational risk and compliance practices at an enterprise wide level.


Globalization and advancement in technology have extended the boundaries within which organizations conduct their businesses. This ever-changing business environment has been witness to various ignominious breakdowns, from natural disasters to corporate frauds and scandals to financial crisis. With growing complexities in business environments, the risk factor increases that much. India is attracting the attention of the international business community faster than ever thus heightening the demand for a robust ERM framework across industries. The level of scrutiny is significant, companies cannot afford to ignore the corporate, reputational and personal risks attached to their business activities. Companies urgently need a new approach to meet the growing challenges of integrating new governance, risk and compliance practices at a global scale.

The 3rd Annual Enterprise Risk Management Leadership Summit India 2018 is designed to create a platform where the various challenges in Enterprise Risk Management can be brought to light and to address and overcome these challenges in a manner beneficial to all sectors. Get to hear from industry leaders and senior professionals as to what they are doing to efficiently manage their enterprise's risks.



  • Understanding the four stages of reframing the risk management journey
  • Addressing Cybersecurity in ERM - the new reality and todays challenge
  • Fraud Risk Management - the need for a strong anti-fraud stance and proactive, comprehensive approach to combating fraud
  • Regulatory Changes and its impact on Risk Management
  • Creating a risk management culture as a primary objective - Importance of integrating risk management
  • 'ERM - Everyone is a Risk Manager' - Enabling better business decision-making in every facet of your business
  • Leveraging technology - Monitoring operational results, maximizing performance opportunities and mitigating risk
  • The changing role of internal auditing in enterprise-wide risk management
  • Why is it important for risk management functions to deliver value in this new business environment?
  • Best practice methodologies for operational risk monitoring


  • Chief Executive Officers / Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Internal Auditors / Head of Internal Audits
  • Chairman & Members of the Risk Management Committee
  • Director / Associate Director - Enterprise Risk Management
  • Director / Associate Director / Head - Crisis Management
  • President / Sr. Vice President / Vice President - Enterprise Risk Management / Risk Management
  • Head of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Sr. General Manager / General Manager / Deputy Manager - Enterprise Risk Management / Risk Management / Crisis Management
  • Sr. Risk Analyst / Risk Analyst
  • Sr. Internal Auditors / Internal Auditors



  • Best practice Sharing - Learn of the steps, strategies, techniques, methodologies of efficiently and effectively managing risks
  • Know of the emerging trends in risk management
  • Mastering operational risk management
  • Assessing your own organizations current ERM status and identifying areas of improvement
  • Networking opportunity with fellow industry experts and professionals

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